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5 Stars

Destination 9/11: An absolute must read!

Destination 9/11 is an absolute must read! This book kept me glued to my seat, turning page after page, unable to put it down! Ret. Brig Gen Kelvin Coppock’s voice and uplifting personality shines throughout this memoir, adding a unique and inspiring perspective to a tragic event so well known. Coppock offers never-before-seen information, straight from the source, not only about secret exercises, missions, and plans at play during September 11, 2001, but also insider information about the United States Air Force and what it is like serving as a man who is incredibly devoted to his country. As soon as I finished this memoir I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of awe and satisfaction, knowing that I had just read something important and memorable.

Overall, if, in a perfect world, 9/11 did not happen, this memoir would still be an incredibly interesting and exciting read, it isn’t every day that the general population hears from those so intertwined in the United States military. Ret Brigadier General Kelvin Robert Coppock has lived a very full life, filled with accomplishments and hard work. This is a story of a life that should be well known, not only for his heroic, in the moment, decision making, but for his 34 years of service in the United States Air Force.

Elizabeth B.

5 Stars

Marvelous Writing!

am not in general a history buff, but I have always been mesmerized by the tragic events of 9/11. General Coppock's account, interlaced with his personal narrative, is spellbinding in its detail, its depth, its simplicity. He is a master story teller who tells one of America's saddest stories soberly and humanely, with insight and compassion.

For all Americans, for friends of America, this is a must-read!

Kit Duncan